National Patient Safety goals

he most important function of the National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs) is to encourage healthcare organizations improve on a number of patient safety issues and activities that seem challenging. It involves the re-evaluation of these critical components each year in a bid to develop health care. This revision is usually conducted by the Joint Commission each year and the changes effected on the first day, first month of the New Year.

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National Patient Safety Goals

National Patient Safety Goals

In recent years, the NPSGs have become more detailed and specific since its extensive review in 2009.  Due to the fact that the safety of each patient and the level of quality care that they are provide with is very crucial the Joint Commission conduct these revisions to ensure that there is consistent, wholesome, safe and high end quality health provision. They do this by re-evaluating the performance of certain topics, clarifying, streamlining certain elements, deleting some and making others reach the require standards. These changes are only done on those topics that seem to be of utmost concern to the well being of a patient. When the number of these NPSGs is reduced it means that the relevant organizations can now focus more ion those important health issues. To some extent the goal of making these revisions is to make the language used more understandable and have them give relevance to the context in which they are to be applied.

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